Kara is an AI driven skincare assistant. The goal of Kara is to allow you to track your skin health over time, in a quantitative and consistent way. It will provide you with measurements of your skin concerns that are unbiased and standardised. While a person may visibly review their skin daily this is inherently variable. Kara will allow you to track if your current routine or treatments are actually working for you by providing this consistency in the analysis. The Kara skincare assistant is here to help answer questions you may have.

It is built on the very latest AI technology, which includes customised computer vision, a skincare language model (also known as the Kara skincare assistant) and deep learning to produce a more accurate and tailored experience for your specific concerns. The Kara skincare assistant has been developed to only reference peer reviewed content from reputable journals. New research content is added weekly from the latest skin research journals. It does not reference generic LLM databases such as chat gpt. Kara has been designed to be accurate and to not make up content which you may see from other chat bots (known as hallucination / temperature). Important: Kara is not a dermatologist but rather a lifestyle app, and as such, you should always seek the advice of a professional when looking for a skincare routine or treatment.

Yes, we will be offering both in the very near future! The free version of Kara provides essential features like advanced AI scanning to provide you a skin score and concern check. However, for a more enriched experience, our Pro version subscription will unlock advanced AI capabilities: trend analysis for your skin, side-by-side scan comparisons, access to a knowledge base backed by the very latest peer-reviewed skin care research, and a personalised Kara AI skincare chatbot assistant. And good news – early subscribers can enjoy special pricing for a limited time on the Pro version! We are excited about what Kara offers in the pro version and for the comprehensive roadmap of features to come that early subscribers will get access to, and we believe you will be excited too.

Kara is your skincare assistant.

Kara consists of a number of helpful features to assist you. These include:

  1. Kara skincare assistant: This is the Kara AI skincare bot and it has been trained on carefully selected peer reviewed content from reputable journals. The database referenced in this app is curated by the Kara team to ensure the latest in skincare research and is meticulously maintained.
  2. Daily scan: You can take a scan of your face daily and Kara will calculate your daily skin health score and also track concerns found.
  3. Skin health score: Kara provides you with an overall skin health score. This takes into account your concerns and the level of these concerns, as well as the area of your face that does not have concerns.
  4. Skin concerns: Kara will track your skin concerns over time with each scan. These can include, but are not limited to, wrinkles / signs of ageing, blemishes (scars, blackheads, spots, other marks, hyperpigmentation etc.), dark circles around the eyes, visible pores and acne.
  5. Historical skin log: A chronological list of all scans you have taken in your skin log since signing up for Kara.
  6. Skin scan comparison: Compare any two scans from your skin log side by side and compare your overall skin health scores as well as the concern levels. Helps with comparing how your skin can change seasonally.
  7. Skin Tracker: Graphs of your skin scores and concern levels over time.
  8. Notifications: Useful reminders on completing your daily skin log.
  9. Latest Research: The AI Kara skincare assistant bot is backed by a comprehensive research database. The research included is only from peer reviewed journals and the Kara team keeps the database up to date, so unlike other chat bots online the Kara bot has the latest research from this month.
This is the overall skin health score that Kara has assigned your daily scan. This takes into account the concerns identified (if any) and your overall face scan analysis to calculate this score.

The Kara skin health score ranges from 0 – 100. 0 being your skin is poor. 100 being perfect skin.

0 – 40: Needs improvements
40 – 60: Is Ok
60 – 80: Very good
80 – 100: Excellent

There is a kara concern level score for each concern found and this score will fall into a number of classifications.

  • Very Low : this means you have very little of this concern and possible with the correct skincare routine or treatments you may be able to remove the concern completely.
  • Low : this means for the people that have this concern your concern level is below average.
  • Medium : this means for the people that have this concern your concern level is average.
  • High : this means for the people with this concern you are above average.
  • Very High : this means for the people with this concern you would be considered to have a very high level of this concern and should get advice from a dermatologist.

Important note on skin concern levels: It is important to note that the skin level score should not be compared across concerns as the scientific methods used to analyse each concern type is specific to this concern. Just in the same way the score assigned to blood pressure and blood sugar levels are different, the same can be said when comparing a wrinkle score to an acne score. Your overall skin health score can however we compared with your friends scores.

Kara tracks a number of concerns including:

  • Wrinkles – wrinkles or signs of ageing around various areas of the face. This can be the forehead, eye area or anywhere on the face.
  • Blemishes – these can be scars, single spots, a blackhead, acne marks, hyperpigmentation or uneven skin or tones.
  • Dark circles – dark circles round the eye area
  • Acne – acne areas on the face
  • Visible pores – areas where the pores are large and open.

As Kara is focused on accurately identifying concerns we only claim to track concerns that we know have a very high accuracy level of detection using today’s phone technology. Our AI team is always upgrading our computer vision and other AI technologies to harness the very latest detection methods, and as such you will see the addition of new tracking features over time. At Kara we do not believe it beneficial to track concerns which we know the latest technology is not capable of tracking, despite some platforms on the market doing so.

At Kara, we prioritise fairness by utilising diverse and balanced datasets. Every iteration of Kara’s AI is rigorously validated against past versions through stringent protocols. Only after meeting our high standards of unbiased performance is a version released for application use.
No. Kara’s AI is meticulously designed using diverse data encompassing all races, ensuring unbiased and consistent evaluations across all racial and ethnic groups.
  1. User-Centricity – Prioritising our users’ needs, experiences, and feedback above all, ensuring that our platform delivers real value and fosters genuine connections with our users.
  2. Data Privacy & Security – Committing to the highest standards of data protection. We recognize the sensitivity of face data and implement robust measures to safeguard user information.
  3. Integrity – Being transparent and honest in all our interactions, both internally and externally. We believe in ethical decision-making that builds trust with our users and partners.
  4. Innovation – Continuously evolving and adopting the latest in skincare and tech advancements, ensuring that Kara remains at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge solutions.
  5. Inclusivity – Embracing diversity in all its forms, ensuring our platform caters to the skincare needs of every individual, regardless of age, race, gender, or skin type.
  6. Sustainability – Recognizing our responsibility to the planet. We strive for eco-friendly solutions in our product development, packaging, and overall operations.
  7. Empowerment – Equipping our users with the knowledge and tools they need to make informed decisions about their skincare, promoting self-confidence and well-being.
  8. Collaboration – Fostering a culture of teamwork and partnership, both internally and with external collaborators, believing that collective efforts yield the best results.
  9. Continuous Learning – Promoting a culture where feedback is welcomed, and growth is celebrated. We are always in the pursuit of knowledge to better serve our users.
  10. Accountability – Owning our actions, decisions, and their outcomes. We stand by our commitments and work tirelessly to resolve any challenges that arise.
No. Kara is brand agnostic. While we may partner with specific brands from time to time, this will always be marked as advertising or a sponsor. We will not partner or accept a sponsor which does not align with Kara values.
No. Kara is your virtual skincare assistant. The goal is to provide you a way to log your skin scans over time so you have a history of your skin health scores. Scores which you may otherwise forget over time. It will allow you to compare your recent scans to those in the past so you can have a side by side comparison. The Kara skincare assistance is also available for any skincare questions you may have. It is however not seen as a replacement for the experts you already consult.

When selecting a new skincare routine or products you should always consult with a Dermatologist or a qualified skincare professional.

Yes. Your overall Kara skin health score can be compared with other people’s scores. However, it is important to remember that all people are unique and the most important thing to remember is that everyone’s skin is different and therefore there is no such thing as perfect skin. If you have concerns about your skin please contact a skin care professional or dermatologist.

No. Kara is not a medical device, and as such does not track moles or cancer concerns. If you have a concern like this, please attend a medical clinic immediately to have your concern reviewed by a medical professional.

Our app is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the “eu-west-1” region, which is located in Ireland. AWS provides highly available infrastructure with multiple data centres (called “Availability Zones”) in each region. Data stored in this region remains within Ireland, ensuring compliance and data residency.
At Kara, we prioritise data security. All user data is encrypted at rest, ensuring that it remains confidential and protected even when stored. In addition to encryption, we implement a range of advanced security measures to safeguard user data against unauthorised access and threats. Your data’s safety is our utmost concern.

To permanently delete your data and account on the Kara app:

  1. Navigate to your profile page.
  2. Select the “Delete Account” option.
  3. You will be prompted to confirm this decision. Please be aware that choosing to proceed will initiate the process to permanently erase your account and all associated data.
  4. Once confirmed, your account will be queued for permanent deletion. Deletion takes place within 2 working days of the request.

Please note: This action is irreversible. All your historical skin-related data will be permanently lost and cannot be recovered.